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Run Sally Run

Friendly and experienced running coach

Further. Faster. Stronger


Technique Analysis

Analysing how you run and your individual body biomechanics to optimise your running

1-2-1 Coaching

For runners of all abilities looking for motivation, advice, training ideas or finding their running mojo

Training Plans

A custom plan for you, your running goal and your lifestyle

Running Workshops

Learn the skills, drills, cues and techniques to improve your running

Would you like to start running or get out of your running rut?

UKA Running Coach Sally Wilkinson works with runners of all abilities to reach their goals, avoid injury and enjoy themselves.

Why do I need a Running Coach?

To understand and optimise your running technique

A Running Coach will be able to see how you are running, what factors could be influencing this and how your technique could be improved.

To provide you with training advice 

Many runners stick to the same routes, routines and session styles but find they reach a plateau in their performance. A Running Coach can show you some different forms of training and help boost your performance and reinvigorate your love of running.

To ensure you avoid injury

Many runners do not warm up and cool down effectively. A Running Coach can show you some safe, efficient and fun ways to ensure you complete this important part of your running training.

To provide accountability and motivation

Many of us can struggle with willpower sometimes. Working with a Running Coach, committing to a session and receiving positive feedback can help you keep going. 

To answer all of your running questions

All those little questions about running that you have always wanted to ask, answered, in person, by an expert.

My Approach

I believe that we are all capable of enjoying running, feeling strong and getting to where we want to be.

Sometimes all it takes is someone giving you the motivation you need to just get out there and put one foot in front of the other. Other times we might need a little more structure, some technique advice, new session ideas or to challenge ourselves.

I want all of my clients to be the best runner that they can be. Whether this is putting in the miles, hammering a speed session, resting an injury, putting more time into cross-training or simply learning to breathe better. I will advise you on the best way forward for you.

Since meeting Sally, my approach to running has completely changed. I started off with a technique analysis where I learned about my running style and picked up some times on how to improve. I have run for many years but Sally has taught me the importance of cross-training and how to vary my runs (speed work, hill sprints). In just a few months I’ve already improved my running times and also found a love for trail running!

Katie Jayne

Having completed lots of different races from 5km, 10km, half marathons to an Ironman, I thought I knew about running. But, since training with Sally I’ve had my eyes opened. Sally has a wealth of knowledge and has really helped me to improve my running, focusing on running efficiency and injury prevention. I also challenge you to find a more enthusiastic and friendly coach who really invests in her clients. 

Andy Smith

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